Sinta is a dance artist and community leader dedicated to preserving and promoting Indonesian tradition and culture as well as raising awareness of social justice and immigration issues. She is the founder of Modero & Company dance group, offering programs to bring Philadelphia’s Indonesian community together and presenting performances throughout the city. 

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Di Hati-Ku Dance Theater

August 3 and 5, 2022 – Fleisher Art Memorial

Di Hati-Ku tells a story about Kartini, a first-generation Indonesian immigrant who takes her granddaughter Hati on an imaginary and nostalgic journey to Indonesia that came to life! Sinta specifically wrote the story to showcase her Pamona heritage, an ethnic group from Central Sulawesi that is not as well known as people from Bali or Java. In this dance-theater piece, she wanted to highlight the everyday immigrant story where grandparents are left to care for their grandchildren while their children go to work. For many Indonesian immigrants in South Philadelphia, visiting their homeland means many months and years of saving money. For the 3rd generation who never had the opportunity to visit, Indonesia is always pictured as a tropical paradise. Di Hati-Ku also showcases the diversity of the Indonesian people and how they live harmoniously together, with different ethnicities and religions. For Hati, the granddaughter that never left South Philadelphia, her afternoon has turned into a fantasy journey of learning about her heritage and experiencing it firsthand. The show is filled with love stories, dancing, singing, and ornate and authentic costumes from Sulawesi to Sunda in West Java. 

10th Anniversary Retreat

November 19-21, 2021 – Poconos Mountain

Thank you to 360 Culture Lab, Fleisher, Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and the Asian Mosaic Fund, we were able to spend a weekend to bond, having meaningful conversations, and celebrating! What a weekend!

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